The Science of Shaping

For long-lasting, reliable, and wash-resistant functionality, silver salts are permanently bonded to the surface of the fabric by a special method. As a result, the fabrics containing ‘active silver’ remain fresh and hygienic for a longer period of time and allow the fabric to be worn more comfortably. Natural skin flora is not affected by active silver.

Active silver prevents fertility of smell-creating bacteria in the fabric and balances moisture gradient.

Liposuction products come into direct contact with the skin after surgery, thanks to the active silver technology it prevents bacterial growth, provides faster healing and long-term use by inhibiting smell.

It accelerates the healing process thanks to its antibacterial features.
Prevents sweating.
Provides freshness and comfort.
Durable to wash.

Thanks to the muttiflament yam structure, it has more firm and soft (touch) structure.

Thanks to the 50% Lycra, the fabric stretches in both width and length and provides posture comfort.

With plain knitting technology, it is more fresh and long-lasting, during long-term usage it does not change the fabric and protects its stability.

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